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by Carol Garcia on

While surfing the web, WordPress.com specifically, I found a blog that talks about an electronic wallet www.p2pwallet.cc whose site is offering an interesting and novel system transaction involving the sending and receiving of exchange cryptogram by e-mail.

As I am a regular user of virtual portfolios until now did not know any that will feature the ability to send and receive money via email.

That was how one thing led me to another and I decided to visit their Web site to explore its operating system, and observed that has a simple and easy to use platform, and the ability to operate with seven digital currencies, bitcoin, blackcoin, darkcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, namecoin and peercoin.

In terms of applications for mobile devices, currently has an application for the Android operating system, but according to his Web Site will soon have the possibility of downloading other types of smartphones and desktop, which further expand its range of use with these devices.

Your tutorial explains step by step how to use the mobile app and tablets in a simple and practical way, since it is not necessary to have advanced knowledge of computers and electronics to understand their mechanism of operation.

Another aspect that struck me is that P2P Wallet is the only that has banking security as being an official service of P2P Bank.cc has a capital fund that guarantees the integrity of their currencies.

But I can not comment on service and product without trying it before.

I opened an account in P2P Wallet and I started using the various services offered by the sending and receipt of electronic money savings, loan and credit payments, and each of them runs smoothly and completely free.


A very important recommendation found in P2P Wallet Blog in WordPress is that your users use a password and PIN easy to remember, because it is impossible to obtain if you forget it because it has a security measure that is based in social engineering and aims to prevent unscrupulous people to commit fraud and theft, as has happened in other purses available online.

Lookng for even on the net, I could not find a forum for discussion on P2P Wallet, but on bitcoin, which is the main currency encrypted world.

Finally, although P2P Wallet is a young and recently used book since it was released in 2014, I think it is unique in its class and will transform the virtual trade innovative options and the benefits it offers to its users.

download now on your android and technological know this novelty app



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Written by: Carol Garcia

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