You need to always make sure that you possess the latest thing that is being offered, particularly when it comes to communication devices as it pertains to engineering. The capas para celular explanation for that is that the rest of the world is talking in a quickly pace and you must be there to be sure that you could stay attached to the people around you. There are many functions that let you keep abreast pertaining to the latest developments on the planet of the latest applications as well as communications. The should have product of the year is without a doubt the Samsung Galaxy S5. This innovative device is greater than only a telephone, it is an entire process for interaction and association, which is not truly first to none.

Exclusive features

There are capa para celular numerous functions which are exclusive to this wonderful mobile phone that will make it excellent for you to use:

Resistance. The very first thing that most people notice concerning this phone is the fact that it is water and dust resistant. It will hold water to get an amount of about half an hour off at a depth of 1 meter.

Weight. The device is light, meaning that you’re able to make it wherever you must. This makes it perfect for individuals who travel a lot.

Display. It has an excellent AMOLED touchscreen with multi touch capabilities. The display is also high res at 1080 x 1920 pixels. It has a higher definition screen aswell, and thus all graphics can be beautifully rendered.

Storage. As it pertains to on-board memory, this phone is definitely the way as it could take-up to 32 gigs of memory, which is all-you will need on a phone to go.

OS. The phone operates on an Android OS which can be regarded as one of the leaders in phone operating systems. With excellent coding and great features, you’re sure to get the most from the phone.

Navigation. That is one of the best features that the phone has, mainly because you will get around anywhere on the planet with all the GPS system, so this is the phone for you if alot travels.

Processor. a quad-core processor powers the device with 2.5 GHz backing it, and thus it also works quickly and efficiently, which you will obviously love.

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Part two in this series will focus on cutting the amount you spend on your cell phone bill without cutting integrity of its services (too much).

If you’re like me, you had a smart phone, with minimal minutes, an unlimited text plan, and a data plan ranging between 2 GB and 4 GB (w/ hotspot) depending on how much data you used. This averaged out to about $80 – $100 per month for your cell phone plan. If you worked in the DC area, most likely your company would have some sort of Employee discount you could apply to your cell phone bill which generally gave you a 15-20% decrease in your bill.

My Verizon Wireless bill every month was $87.01. This included:

  • 450 Anytime Minutes $30
  • Unlimited Texting $20
  • 2 GB Data $30

Cut Your Cell Phone Bill: Use Google Voice

After a while, I realized that more of my friends have an iPhone than a non-iPhone, and so I would be able to talk to them through iMessage and FaceTime using my data plan or wi-fi if I was at home. The ratio of my friends who had iMessage versus no iMessage was about 7 to 3.

Because of this, I decided to turn off the “Unlimited Texting” feature and save the $20. For those who didn’t have iMessage, I created a Google Voice number and text them through that. Google Voice allows for both phone calls and text messaging, both of which uses data.

To ensure that my friends don’t text me and rack up my cell phone bill un-intentionally, there’s an option inside the MyVerizonWireless account page where you can block all text messages:


This effectively reduced my bill every month:

Cut Your Cell Phone Bill: Use an Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

My sister just moved back from Japan, and so she needed a new phone and phone plan. I introduced her to some MVNOs to take a look at, specifically StraightTalk and Net10 Wireless. I had heard about both companies from listening to radio advertisements about how they can cut your cell phone bill in half, allowing you to pay around $45 – 50 per month.

I decided to take a look at their company and read a lot of reviews.

First, neither of these companies are very Verizon friendly. While most MVNOs allow you to bring your own phone to activate on their network, Verizon iPhones will have a difficult time as StraightTalk prefers you buy one of their Verizon-compatible phones. As of today, they do not support Verizon LTE, only 3G. If you have AT&T and you wish to switch, you will find the transition much easier.

My sister decided to purchase an iPhone 5s to use on StraightTalk. She had to pay the full retail price of the phone, which was about $650, but now she pays only $45 per month for:

  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited Text
  • Unlimited Data (though there’s been reviews about them throttling you after 2 GB)

How MVNOs Work

MVNOs rent out lines and towers from the larger companies like Verizon and AT&T and use their towers to provide the same quality services to its customers. So if you’re on AT&T and want to switch to an MVNO like StraightTalk, the switch is easy. You’d go to a local WalMart (or any local dealer) and purchase a sim card and activate it for that month. Once your plan runs out, you can easily refill your plan online through their website.

So in summary, I strongly recommend switching to an MVNO. There’s plenty in the area and its services are the same as the larger companies, since its the same lines and towers. Depending on how much data you use, an MVNO may be a better option for you, since for me, I barely make the 2 GB mark every month. Most of my data usage is through Google Voice and browsing the news. My video watching is limited to my computers at work and at home.

The very least you could do is save yourself a few bucks on your cell phone bill by cancelling your texting plan and opt for Google Voice over your data line instead. It works just as well and you can also access Google Text messages on a web browser.

I wrote more on this in my other blog post: The $18 Cell Phone Plan

Some MVNOs: